The Fit Over 50: Baby Boomer On-Line Fitness Program is a workout you can do every day and at any time within the comforts of your home or location of choice.

There is a wide range of fun, practical, and engaging workouts suited for any fitness level. In addition, there are various resources available, including nutrition, healthy recipes, work-up roadmaps, and tips to support your health journey. You can choose from our early rise Livestream classes, on-demand classes, or both. Both programs include exercise routines that improve balance, coordination, cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. Enroll for one or both 

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Workouts to Improve Flexibility and Balance

Eliminate knee and back pain using balance and flexibility exercises.

In Home Workouts

Get incredible workouts weekly. Do them right at home!

Nutritional Guidelines

Learn how to master great eating habits for long term health.